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About RG Stephens & Associates

Rick Stephens, principal advisor and owner of RG Stephens & Associates has been in the Information Technology environment since the very beginning of the concept. In 1969, Rick took his first job as a data center computer operator for a leading edge bank in Cincinnati , Ohio working on one of the first IBM Disk Storage Based computers, the 360/30.

In 1970, Rick enlisted and was a Vietnam era Veteran serving his country until 1974. During his tour in the military service, Rick was assigned to the top secret weather intelligence gathering and reporting site in Washington D.C. Here, Rick again worked on IBM Computers both as an operator and later as a programmer. It was at this time that Rick was first introduced to the ARPA Network (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network) via a DEC PDP/11 mini computer. This network would later evolve into what we know today as the Internet.

Rick's compassion for computer technology continued throughout his business career where he became a recognized expert in the field of relational database systems working closely with industry leaders such as Chris Date and Ted Codd, the co-founders of the technology we identify today as SQL.

Rick has many years of experience in web design and functional concepts and currently offers design and hosting services to a diverse group of businesses. He also maintains several of his own web sites, not only as a hobby but as a means to stay abreast of current trends and technology.

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"Thank you so much for making a difference for our health insurance business. Prior to hiring your organization, we were getting lots of hits on our health insurance website, but customers were not calling or willing to sign up for health insurance after their visit.

As a result of your work, our website not only looks better, but has had a dramatic increase in traffic; customers were spending more time on our website, and most importantly, became customers. In addition, referrals from our web customers have also increased. The ROI on the marketing dollars spent was immediate and was paid for shortly after launch."

James Banh
Authorized Agent
Sure Insurance

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"I am extremely pleased with the results and impressed with your skills!  The web site looks great."

"You were attentive to the needs of both myself and my business, and I am very pleased with the final product."

"I'm convinced that my business will flourish with my new website.  I would gladly recommend your services to other business owners and guarantee wonderful results."

Dr. R. Jeffery Doyle, D.P.M.
North Star Foot and Ankle Associates, PA

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"Rick Stephens and RG Stephens & Associates were an absolute pleasure to work with. In less than a month they transformed HSR's web site from an embarrassment to something we are all very proud of. All of this happened by email with an occasional phone call. Rick is incredibly prompt in making revisions and a true professional in all that he does. His bid was also substantially lower than his competitors. You would be hard pressed to find a better value. We will be his client for life!"

Don Barker
President & CEO
Health Service Review

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"What a charming site you put together for me.  I especially like the way you added the SQL Database to help display the images and data from the Stoney Point Cemetery.   What people can't see is the Administrative functions you included to allow me to add, delete, and update new data as I get it.   Wonderful Job."

Lisa Scribner

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